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Madison Klovstad Miner OUSD Profile

With the OUSD website providing no biography of the trustees, OUSD Facts is providing the public with basic information about Trustee Madison Miner.

Basic Biographical Information

  • Name: Madison Miner, also known as Madison Klovstad Miner, formerly known as Madison Klovstad
  • First Elected to OUSD Board: November 8, 2022 Election
  • Assumed Office: December 2022
  • Spouse: Jason Robert Miner, an Engineer at Eaton according to this LinkedIn Profile
  • High School: El Modena High School
  • College (per LinkedIn)
    • Texas A&M University, 2003-2007, Bachelor of the Arts (B.A.), Human Resource Development, played Division I soccer
    • California State University, Fullerton, 2008-2010, Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Communicative Disorders
    • Cal State University – Northridge – Licensing for Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (2010)
  • OUSD Schools Attended by Madison’s Children: None (one child attended OUSD for a short period)
  • School of Choice: Orange County Classical Academy (charter school)
  • Licenses: Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant (not Speech Therapist)
  • Side Job: Lularoe Multi-level-marketing sales representative (archived)
  • Campaign website: – Currently down, but available on (Wayback Machine)

Madison Miner’s Candidate Statement 2022

Madison Miner’s candidate statement in 2020 has been the subject of considerable debate, notably the claim to be a “speech therapist” and the implication that she is an OUSD parent. That statement provided as follows:

I am an educator, mama bear of four children and active participant in the Orange Unified community for the last 37 years. Quality
education has always been a passion of mine. After college, I
began my career in Santa Ana Unified School District as a speech therapist for mostly students with special needs and disabilities until my husband and I decided I’d stay at home to care for our growing family. I am passionate about supporting and protecting all students throughout Orange Unified School District.
As an educator within the district, it was common knowledge that special interest groups run the show in Orange Unified. They’d often try to stop student transfers to other schools or districts, influence curriculum and increase spending. I’m running to change this status quo and bring a “parent first” perspective to the school board.

Once I’m elected, I promise to:

  • Cut wasteful spending and return tax dollars to the classrooms where they belong.
  • Protect our parents’ rights with medical and school choice
  • decisions. Always support parents whose students need to transfer schools or districts.
  • Adopt better options for health and ethnic studies curriculum.
  • Push back against overreaching Sacramento bureaucrats trying to control our curriculum.
  • Bring a spirit of accountability to both the district’s budget and the curriculum.

School closures did not work for many of our children, and many students need additional attention after virtual learning to get back to where they need to be. I will ensure the district provides additional resources to students that need them.
Like many of my colleagues, my campaign to create a parent-first district is backed by education leaders in the district and across the county, including:

  • Mari Barke, Orange County Board of Education, Area 2
  • Dr. Ken Williams, Orange County Board of Education, Area 3
  • Tim Shaw, Orange County Board of Education, Area 4
  • Dr. Lisa Sparks, Orange County Board of Education, Area 5
  • John Ortega, Orange Unified Board of Education, Area 2
  • Angie Schleuter-Rumsey, Orange Unified Board of Education,
    Area 6
  • Rick Ledesma, Orange Unified Board of Education, Area 7

I couldn’t be more excited to be running for Orange Unified School Board and would be honored to have your vote. In addition, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how our schools could improve. Please email me at or learn more about my
candidacy at

Who Funded Madison Miner’s 2022 election?

The three largest donors to Madison Miner’s 2022 Campaign:

  • William Klovstad (Madison’s Dad) donated $50,000. He lives in Brea.
  • Lincoln Club of Orange County State PAC, based on Irvine, donated $44,245.
  • Timothy Surridge for School Board 2022 donated $29,893. Mr. Surridge was not elected to the Orange School Board.

These three donations totaled $124,138, which amounted to 54% of the total reported donations. For a full analysis, check the article below.

Who donated to No on Recall?

Total Mark Bucher related donations are $96,500, which is 50% of the donations over $100. the largest donor has been the Lincoln Club of Orange County at $65,500, which is 34% of the total donations over $100. Mark Bucher is a member of the Lincoln Club or Orange County. This data is as of February 26, 2024.

Is Madison Miner connected to Mom’s for Liberty?

While Madison Miner’s election and the rise of Moms for Liberty do coincide, we could not locate any specific endorsement by Miner of Moms for Liberty or other direct connection.

Nonetheless, on March 10, 2024, Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Trustee Sonja Shaw posted a picture with Madison Miner and Madison’s father at a fundraiser for Orange County Classical Academy (OCCA). Sonja Shaw has indeed taken the parents pledge offered by Moms for Liberty.

Who are Madison Miner’s parents, William “Bill” Klovstad and Fran Sargent Klovstad?

While Madison Miner has only been in office since 2022, and does not appear to have taken any notable political positions prior to that time, her parents have a long history of political activism here in OUSD. Indeed, Bill Klovstad was the single largest donor to Madison Miner’s 2022 campaign.

Bill Klovstad is Responsible Managing Officer of Sunset Pools and Spas, Inc., a pool contractor. The Wikipedia article of Orange Unified School District has ordinary information with only one exception: A discussion of a lawsuit from 1999 under the heading “Gay-Straight Alliance (Colin ex rel. Colin v. Orange Unified School District)” summarizing the issue as follows:

In 1999, the Orange Unified School District voted unanimously to prohibit the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance at El Modena High School. The students sued the school board, claiming that their rights under the First Amendment and the 1984 Equal Access Act had been violated. In the first-ever ruling of its kind, Judge David O. Carter of the United States District Court for the Central District of California issued a preliminary injunction ordering the school to allow the GSA to meet. After a settlement was agreed upon, the students were allowed to meet and were given access to school resources equal to all other campus clubs.

Getty Images sells a picture of Fran Sargent Klovstad captioned as follows:

Two disappointed parents from El Modena High School, Heidi Romero (Cq), left, and Fran Klovstad (Cq)

Two disappointed parents from El Modena High School, Heidi Romero (Cq), left, and Fran Klovstad (Cq) after a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction Friday morning instructing Orange Unified School District to allow to allow Gay-Straight Alliance Club to meet on the school campus. Ruling was in response to Anthony Colin,15, and Heather Zetin, 16, request to allow the club to meet at their El Modena High School . (Photo by Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Orange Juice Blog connects the LGBT position of Madison’s parents to her current position on transgender students as follows:

22 years ago when Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church came to protest against OUSD’s gay-straight alliance, Madison’s parents Fran and Bill Klovstad stood side-by-side with them. Not falling far from the tree, Madison’s biggest nightmares are about “gender ideologies,” and the supposed inability of parents to opt their kids out of sex ed – that’s what she means by the catchphrase “parents’ rights.”

Bill and Fran Klovstad own and operate the El Rodeo Equestrian Center located at 4449 Carbon Canyon Rd, Brea, CA 92823. On Saturday, August 19, 2023, while Madison Miner was an elected Trustee of the OUSD board of education, the Klovstads hosted a fundraiser featuring John Eastman, just days before he was booked into jail in Fulton County, Georgia the following Tuesday, August 22, 2023. The State Bar of California filed disciplinary charges against John Eastman for his role in the fake electors plot on January 6th.

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