2024-02-24 - Mailer - Yes on Recall- Liars - OUSD Parent

Did Madison Miner and Rick Ledesma lie about being OUSD parents?

Yes. Miner and Ledesma have both claimed to be OUSD parents or concealed that they are not OUSD parents. In fact, neither is an OUSD parent.

What did the Yes on Recall mailer say about Ledesma and Miner claiming to be OUSD parents?

Around February 14, 2024, Yes on Recall sent out the following mailer to residents in OUSD. In relevant part, the mailer shows a quotation around “I’m an OUSD parent” and claims the truth is that “Neither send their children to OUSD schools.” This is shown below.

2024-02-24 - Mailer - Yes on Recall- Liars OUSD

Did Miner Miner claim to be an “OUSD parent?”

The mailer implies a quote for Miner as stating: “I’m an OUSD parent.”

In 2022, Madison Miner claimed on her candidate statement that: “I am an educator, mama bear of four children and active participant in the Orange Unified community for the last 37 years.” Taken literally, this would mean that Madison Miner is a mother “of four children…in the Orange Unified community.” This would seem to mean that Madison Miner’s children attend a school that is governed by the Orange Unified School District.

Even as recently as November 22, 2021, the minutes of the OUSD Board indicate that Madison Miner introduced herself as an “OUSD parent.”

Madison further conceals her lack of OUSD parent status in claiming that she “love[s] Orange Unified School District” on her campaign website. Clearly, she doesn’t love OUSD enough to enroll her children in the district.

Did Rick Ledsma claim to be an “OUSD parent?”

The mailer implies a quote for Ledesma as stating: “I’m an OUSD parent.”

In 2018, Rick Ledesma claimed on his candidate statement that: “My wife of 20 years and I are raising our children in our community, and I’m dedicated to making the best decisions for the families of the Orange Unified School District.” At the very least, Rick has been less than up front that his children did not attend OUSD schools.

Are Miner and Ledesma OUSD parents?

The mailer claims the truth is that “Neither send their children to OUSD schools.”

Madison Miner has been very upfront that the only child she ever sent to OUSD was her oldest child and only for a very brief period, apparently in Kindergarten. As Madison Miner explains it: “My kids have gone to multiple OUSD schools and they don’t now, that’s true, but they did and I got the experience that I did.” She claims that her son “reached a ceiling in kindergarten.”

Since Rick Ledesma’s children were 7 and 9 when Ledesma filed bankruptcy in November 2010, any OUSD attendance would have ended around 2019. However, Rick Ledesma was clear in his bankruptcy back in 2010 that he paid $800 per month, or $9,600 per year, for “Tuition for Children” (plural). This is shown below from Rick Ledesma’s Bankruptcy Expenses on Schedule J, Section 17.

Rick prioritized private tuition for his children even while Rick earned “$11,800” in “2010” from “Unemployment” and while his wife earned “$45,000” from “California Communication Access Fdn,” as shown in Rick Ledesma’s Bankruptcy Statement of Financial Affairs, Section 1. Even when the financial going gets tough, Rick Ledesma supports private school over public school.

OUSD Facts Truth-o-Meter: False as to Miner and Ledesma

Yes on Recall has appropriately brought to the public’s attention that Ledesma and Miner’s claim of being OUSD parents is false.

At times, both Ledesma and Miner conceal or are less than upfront about their children attending charter or private schools.

Any short period in which Madison sent one of her many children to a public school is clearly overcome by her impassioned regret of having done so and her advocacy for charter schools. Once you eat meat, you’re no longer a vegan, and Madison is no longer an OUSD parent. She is a charter school parent. She is clearly proud of this and should show her pride to the voters so they can make an informed decision.

While there is some ambiguity about the meaning of being an “OUSD parent,” the term is sufficiently clear not to encompass those who voluntarily opted out of OUSD schools.